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CAD allows design concepts to be critiqued before manufacturing,
maximizing the best use of time and not wasting money on manufacturing errors.

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About Us

Over 30 years experience and considerable hands-on knowledge.

Design Sectors

2D CAD Drawings, 3D CAD Services, CAD Conversion, Rendering and Reverse Engineering.

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Years Experience

What we do

CAD Design Consultancy Specializing in Automation

CAD is an abbreviation of Computer Aided Design, and from the very first 2d cad software produced in the 1970’s computer processing power has increased massively, and so has the design software.

Within the 3D software used, is the ability to enable the client to see the product models complete in a virtual world, and any design changes are instantly updated on the screen.

And with this modelling process the design concepts can be critiqued before manufacturing, maximizing the best use of time and not wasting money on manufacturing errors.

CAD is more than just lines and circles being drawn on the screen. From the perspective of a CAD designer, you’re utlising the services of someone who is responsible for decisions taken at every stage between concept to finished product, making sure we deliver exactly the design required ‘being fit for purpose’ in a cost effective manner.

Easy to edit and modify designs/drawings

Data transfer for both import/export

Create documentation of the design, useful for if applying for Patents

Creates bill of materials, accounting for every part used

Rendering, giving realistic image results

Calculations such as Mass, Volume

Stress analysis


We can measure the environmental impact of the proposed designs across the product life cycle, including the effects by materials, manufacturing, assembly, transport, product-use, down to final disposal

CAD Drafting Services with a Range Of
Drawings For Different Applications

As a CAD Drawing Office, our drafting team produce 2D CAD Drawings as well as 3D CAD Models for a range of applications. We are efficient in 2D & 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) Software Packages such as Solidworks & AutoCad.  

The company offers 5 Main CAD Service which are all based on Computer Aided Design: 

2D CAD Drawings

We produce high quality fully compliant drawings which include:
• Concept Drawings
• Fabrication Drawings
• Manufacturing Drawings.

3D CAD Service

We offer CAD services for important projects and take pride in the delivery of the final designs we create for our clients.

CAD Conversion

We take your ideas, whether its just a hand sketch or other formats and turn them into a drawing and 3D model, bringing them to life.


Is taking the 3D model to the next step, by generating it with realistic graphics, by applying material, texture and also adding lighting and background scenes.

Reverse Engineering

The process of Reverse Engineering is to take an existing product apart to see how it works for the purpose of duplication or enhancing the object.

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