3D CAD Drawings

3D CAD Modelling Services

The common process is to begin a project in 3D CAD which is more efficient way to produce drawings to current industry standards. 

Certain work such as basic Electrical and Mechanical drafts are constructed within 2D CAD (Autodesk AutoCad) but everything else is created in 3D first. 

Solidworks is the most commonly used software although when necessary we do also use AutoCad. 

For a comprehensive list of our 3D design services please see below.

Dough Chunker Assembly

Dough Chunker assembly, cuts the dough into small chunks and also keeping the majority of weight away from small ram chamber which sits below the chunker.

Vegetable Handling Assemblies

Here we have a twin-headed vegetable de-coring cutter. (removes the centre mass from the Vegatable, in this case for Cabbage size 12-14″ Dia)

Twin-headed blade units that quarters the already de-cored cabbage.

Detailed drawing for a Hydraulic manifold.

What is a 3D CAD Service?

3D CAD (computer Aided Design) such as Solidworks and Invertor enables the designer to build virtual components, this improves product quality by automating the product development process, once the design is produced then the following can be implemented.

Fully dimensional drawings to BS8888 standard

Save the part/Assembly to File type (Step, IGES etc)

Check for Interference



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