CAD Conversion Services

2D In to 3D CAD Conversion

We input existing hand-drawn plans into their CAD system allowing convenient storage, enhancement and modification. We can provide a quotation to convert your complete library of parts if required.

You can either provide us with your original drawings or scan them and forward the images by e-mail. We will then manually convert the paper or image into an accurate, fully structured CAD or PDF file of the highest quality.

Examples Of Some Hand Drawn Sketches That are Converted into Models and Validated Before Assembly and Production

A rotating pastry cutter cell which needed to be created as a 3D model to aid CNC purposes.

An irrigation tape dispensing reel checked for functionality and purpose.

Irrigation tape delivery Unit, fully adjustable.

Why Would a 2D to 3D CAD Conversion be Required?

With traditional 2D CAD, drawings are often out of date and/or drawing views do not accurately reflect the design, leading to expensive manufacturing errors that slow down product delivery. Without an automated update system (like solidworks), all drawing views must be updated manually whenever a design change occurs. 

This becomes an even bigger problem when a component or assembly exists in many different assemblies or at many different levels of the same assembly, because it requires that all the drawing views containing the modified components be updated.

3D CAD Models And 2D Drawings From Existing Paper Drawings

What is Paper to CAD?

Paper to CAD is the procedure converting Paper Drawings (physical or scanned) into 3D CAD models and/or 2D Drawings.

Companies often have libraries of drawings or individual parts which where created prior to CAD (or 3D CAD) and only have the paper drawings on file.

What Paper to CAD Conversion Service do We Offer?

Using the information on paper and create new 3D CAD models using Software such as Solidworks

From the 3D CAD model create fully dimensioned 2D CAD Drawings

Using the information on paper create new 2D CAD Drawings in PDF, DWG/DXF format

What is CAD Conversion?

CAD Conversion is a term used for converting existing Drawings information into CAD (Computer Aided Design).

This can be required due to:

Upgrading the CAD System (2D to 3D CAD Conversion)

Installing a CAD System (Paper to CAD)

What CAD Conversion Services do we Offer?

We offer the main CAD Conversion types:

Paper to CAD: Using Paper Drawings to create new CAD Models/Drawings

2D to 3D: Converting AutoCad drawings into 3D CAD Software packages such as Inventor or Solidworks

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