• Tooled up single vibratory bowl feeders that orientated components, then by adding linear drives to bowl feeders, these are typically at the beginning of production lines.

  • Trained in all aspects of precision engineering – milling, turning, welding (mig, tig, and gas) pneumatics, hydraulics

  • Joined a leading automation company in the UK.

  • Built single pick & place units and complex assembly machines using

    drawings provided

  • Jointly developed AA first camera vision system enabling fast defect detection

  • Contributed to design and integration of different types of machinery onsite

  • Headhunted for role at rival of Aylesbury Automation

  • Translated requirements into automation process machine solutions and conveyor


  • Assembled production equipment for manufacturing excellence

  • Took charge of on-site installation and inspection of highly bespoke equipment

  • Obtained PLC experience at Milton Keynes College.

Camera Vision System

All Hand-Made Bowl Feeder with External Tooling

Two vibrating bowls and linear feeders, one orientates plastic bolt, the other the plastic nut, the rotatory assembly unit screws the nut onto the captive bolt. Machine was set to place the nut midway on the threaded section. Typically 20ppm

Circlip Insert Concept

I Drive Robot

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